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A Sudden Headache

Six years ago a sudden headache turned my life around. An aneurysm had burst causing a brain haemorrhage. I was flown to Southampton hospital where I stayed for 10 days.

I returned to Guernsey and was sent straight home with no advice or contact with anyone, I was anxious and scared, we all were. I was a different person, personality had changed, confidence had gone and frustration had set in. I returned to work on reduced hours but no adjustments had been made to the job to compensate for my injury and recently I got very depressed and couldn’t cope at work. I was at a real low.

I was introduced to Headway and they have made a big difference. The team gave me help and support which I hadn’t received in the last 6 years, they answered questions that I had no answers to. I have made new friends now who understand me and my ways, I don’t have to justify why I am tearful or exhausted. I can be myself without people judging me. We support each other through good and bad times.

I have a new life now. I work part time, I have a loving, supportive and understanding partner, my children and grandchildren are closer than ever, I can smile again and the laughter is returning. My life is back on track.

A brain injury is a hidden injury. You cannot see the damage that has been done. Just because somebody looks alright, doesn’t mean that they are.

Many had a brain haemorrhage in 2006