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One foot in front of the other

This was 2008 in July when I had my stroke. I was on my bike and I thought I had a puncture. I was with my husband. He called my daughter, she came to pick me up and took my to A&E. I was talking ok by then, then I must have collapsed. I was unconscious for 2 weeks or so they tell me. When I came around, I didn’t know where I was. I had a tube in my stomach for feeding. I couldn’t talk or feed myself. They had to hoist me and put me in to my chair. The physios had to teach me to walk again.

Why me?

I am in the process of recovery

I can go for walks. Maybe I hope to take my dog with me one day

There are things which I can’t do, like driving, loss of independence because I have seizures.

I used to go line dancing

I have to accept my new identity

I have to look forward to the future and not in the past

People think I look so well but I am not 100% quite yet

I feel sorry for my husband because the roles have changed.

I do what I can to help but because I get tired quickly I can’t do what I like to do which is very frustrating

Pam had a stroke in 2008.