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A year and a half ago nearly to the day

Something came and took my life away

All that I knew and all that I was

Was gone in an instant as fast as a speeding car

Everything would change, I would start anew

But how it would pan out was oblivious too!

I was not at all well, now you see

A brain tumour was threatening me

The horrible thing had made a hole in my head

It tried to defeat me but I wanted it dead

The surgeon he saved me, he took it away

But my journey was not over, who knew, what can I say?

I experienced things that nobody knew, very strange

Weird things but my family pulled me through

But time is a great healer, I can reassure you of that

Never give up because I bounced right back

Life has challenged me but I’m a tough cookie

A smile a day from a little girl and the dreaded thoughts are washed away

I’m grateful to be here, able to lie in my own bed

Laugh with my family and friends and look forward to the day ahead

Each day is a new challenge, what learning curb lies ahead

It changed my thought process but not entirely me

The crazy old Sarah is returning, she’s back!

I had the strength and courage, Titanium is me

And no one or nothing is ever changing that

Sarah was diagnosed with a brain tumour 18 months ago and shortly after had brain surgery to remove the tumour.