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Sometimes I go back to childhood

Sometimes I get depressed and get upset for no apparent reason

Sometimes I cannot remember things

Sometimes I ask why me? What would like have been like without all this?

Sometimes I think there are a lot worse off than me, don’t feel sorry for yourself.

Sometimes people assume or ask if you are ok, the simple reply being yes, but that isn’t always true, just because you look fine

Fatigue, hurt, anger, pain, memory loss, frustration, lack of confidence, anxiety, balance, to name a few, still pass through my mind, but I’m alive.

By going to Headway you know you are not alone, everyone listens and shares their own experiences and emotions with you. You make friends and yes, you can have a laugh.

Thanks Headway.

Sue was diagnosed with a brain tumour 18 years ago and has since had two brain surgeries. In Sue’s words: ‘Unfortunately, there are 3 more tumours, but life goes on!’


Sometimes people ask if I’m ok

I answer yes! But in a way

They don’t know what I’ve been through

That I’ve had to start my life anew

Sometimes I’m like a child

My mind is AWOL running wild

I get times when I cannot spell

But people say, ‘you look so well!’

Sometimes I feel anger and pain

Damned if I’ve forgotten again

What was it that I’ve got to do?

I can’t remember the words to tell you

Sometimes I get quite depressed

I get upset and easily stressed

There is a reason for this strain

It’s down to the injury in my brain

Sometimes I lack confidence

It’s certainly no coincidence

My mind tells me I mustn’t panic

But anxious thoughts just make things manic

Sometimes I can feel quite dizzy

And my balance goes, I’m in a tizzy

I’m scared of going out alone

‘Help me please! I’m on my own!’

Sometimes I get extremely tired

My brain feels it needs re-wired

My get up and go has got up and gone

But life must still go on and on

Sue and her husband Rob compiled this poem together.