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Think Positive, Not Negative

Think positive, not negative. I have heard this statement so many times. So easy to say but a nightmare to pursue.

I was a healthy 63 year old and never had an illness, but fell twice. I had a scan which proved I had a brain tumour.

Fortunately for me, the tumour was removed but it took 12 hours to do so. Southampton is totally obliterated from my mind. I came back to the PEH for 15 weeks. During that time a representative from Headway came to see me and thought it was a good idea to attend, which I have done since my discharge from hospital.

I am lucky to be alive and for that I am grateful. I also have a good husband and son who look after me.

Twice a day I walk quite a distance. It amounts to around 10 miles per week. I can bake scones and cakes and do so on a regular basis. I lost weight, mostly to lack of chocolate! My husband watches what I eat!

Instead of looking at 4 walls, I knit for charity. I can remember what to do, but as yet I cannot follow a pattern as my eyesight is no longer very good. I try to do a crossword which makes my brain work.

I still cannot reach upwards even though I attend Lifefit once a week. It has taken me three years to get to this stage. Who knows what the future holds? I do believe in prayer and have prayed more in the last three years than I ever did.

Positively, I can wash, dress, bake and knit. Negatively, I cannot go in the garden. At one time it was my pride and joy.

Susan was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2009.