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One of the most common and most frustrating aspects of acquired brain injury is problems with memory. This could be long term or more often short term or working memory, manifesting as an inability to remember appointments, names, faces or what day of the week it is. Some members struggle as they lose track of conversations or forget mid-sentence what their point was. Others find it difficult to follow the plot of a movie or continually walk into rooms and forget why they are there.

In the memory module we discuss coping strategies and learn in depth about how memory functions. Did you know there are five stages of the memory process? Attention, Encoding, Storage, Consolidation and Retrieval?

For six weeks we look at different ways to help at each stage of the memory press and practice using various exercises and games. This helps build neural pathways, like new brain infrastructure. It is a fun and interactive module and there is always a lot of laughter.