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After a brain injury, everything changes not just for the brain injury survivor but also their nearest and dearest. Dynamics are altered as the bread winner becomes dependant or the life and soul of the party becomes quieter and more introverted. Family members must often shoulder the full weight of the finances, house maintenance and the day to day chores as well as taking on the new and daunting role as carer. Reminding loved ones to take their medication, helping them walk, driving them to appointments, being a shoulder to cry on, helping them to the toilet and being a partner to navigate the new frustrating and bewildering territory of brain injury are only a few items included in the caring role.

Under the weight of this new circumstance, relationships can suffer. In our Relationships Module we discuss common experiences and ways to traverse this new terrain. This can be one of the most raw, tender and personal of modules as we lift the lid on intimacy, love and caring within the family unit. Our members come to realise that the difficulties they face are common among BI survivors and the group becomes an increasingly vital support network.